Private referrals

The referral process is very straightforward:

Step 1

The referrer completes a PET-CT patient referral form. If you would like to receive a referral form by either fax or post, one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you:

(0800 4 273 828)
Fax: 07 839 5780

Step 2

The completed form can be forwarded directly to us by email, fax or post (see above). Please note, the form must be signed by the referring doctor.

Step 3

Once we’ve received the completed form, our staff will contact the patient and arrange a suitable appointment. We will also send written confirmation, provide the patient with all necessary information explaining the process and give the patient a questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire enables us to gather important information regarding the patients treatment and current health in order to perform the best possible examination.

Step 4

Following the scan, one of our specialist radiologists interprets the scan and issues a clinical report within 48 hours. The report is sent to the referring clinician, with a copy of the scan on disk. Specialists will also be able to view the images and report using our Web Based viewing platform, InteleConnect. If specialists require access to images please contact our IT team: Willem PH 021 242 3654 or email If the referral has been made via a Hospital, the images and clinical report can be sent directly to the Hospital.

Clinical Indications

There are a growing number of indications for PET-CT scanning. PET-CT is most widely used in the setting of investigating and managing cancer, however, there are a growing number of non-oncological clinical indications. Please note that private referrals are not limited to the ‘Ministry of Health PET-CT Criteria’ and are considered on an individual basis.


PET-CT scanning, particularly using Fluorodeoxyglucose ‘FDG” has gained worldwide acceptance as a key imaging tool in the investigation of Cancer. In recent years, the advent of high-end scanners, combining PET with 64-detector CT has enabled the field to rapidly move toward a more comprehensive concept in cancer investigation. Our scanner allows full diagnostic CT scans to be obtained at the same time allowing maximum information for staging to be obtained during the early stages of investigation.

In Oncological Imaging, PET has been shown to be of use in the following broad categories:-

    Cancer Diagnosis – Evaluation of mass lesions not readily accessible for biopsy.
    Cancer Staging
    Evaluating early response to therapy (Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy)
    Assessment of tumour margins as an aid to Radiotherapy Planning
    Guiding biopsies
    Investigation of suspected recurrent disease
    Identifying potential primary sites in cases of metastatic disease of unknown origin.

Tumour Types:

    Lung Carcinoma
    Gastro-oesophageal Carcinoma
    Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumours
    Hepato-pancreato-biliary Cancers
    Head and Neck Tumours
    Thyroid Carcinoma
    Gynaecological Malignancy
    Paraneoplastic Syndromes
    Breast Carcinoma
    Neuroendocrine Carcinoma
    Anal, Vulval or Penile Carcinoma
    Brain Tumours


    Investigating Fever of Unkown Origin
    Evaluation of Large Vessel Vasculitis
    Evaluation of possible early dementia
    Assessing Myocardial Viability

We will continue updating this site with further information on an on going basis.

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Contact Us

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